Facts everyone should know about designers!

Facts everyone should know about designers!


We’ve all had moments where we start to doubt our capabilities but the truth is, IT TAKES TWO TO TANGO.Now you probably reading this asking yourself what on earth I am talking about… Well its quite simple. If you are not given the tools we are not able to give it our best. 

Every freelancer takes the time to look up a client, well at least I’m hoping we all do, but its much like relationship, it has to go both ways. Without knowing what the client likes and wants, we cant be the ones to make it happen. 

No Designer Can Create Without Being Given Content. 

Self explanatory! How can we create a brochure or a website without images or access to the images the client needs. This is a fundamental basic requirement. If you want to advertise something, you need to have the basic material to be able to make it happen. A designer can access their resources but without a indication we can only work off our personal creative appreciation. Moral of the story, make sure you ask your client to provide you with the resources needed to be able to move forward. 

The Idea Of “just get a few images off google” Is Not A Thing. 

Did you know most images you find on google have copyright? This is something most clients probably don’t know or don’t think about and of-course this makes our job that little bit harder. 

It is also true that designers pay for access to photos but this is an additional cost to each designer and without an idea there is no way of getting what a client wants to point. 

Not to mention even if you are a designer doesn’t mean you have the ability or means to take the sort of professional photographs you client may need. 

A Fact That All The Extra Little Things That Cost Money. 

Did The truth is once the job is done, one looks at it and thinks wow that was easy, I could have done that in half the time or with half the money, but the truth is its a blank canvas with a creative mind and years of experience that brought you and that project together. Its not easy to create something and often the perfect idea takes time. Then you have the idea that a client will always ask for that one additional bit and if you think about it, when you eat out and you ask for another glass of wine, you pay for it! A designers time is also highlighted as having great worth. 

Freelance Designers Often Work With Many Clients. 

Did Freelance Designers work and stay focused on many projects to pay bills and to be able to keep up with the latest in design software. We need to keep focused and often cant just drop everything to run to every clients urgent need. Not to say we don’t play with our time and try to get things done to make everyone happy but as hard as this may be to believe, we have the same 24 hours everyone else does. 

We Always Know What We Are Doing And Why We Are Doing It. 

This happened just the other day. I have a client who just came back from a huge even and asked me to put together some advertising material for the company. Sent me 7 photos with terrible quality and had no idea what they liked or wanted. Not even what colours or even an outline.

All they knew is they want something fresh and clean. I presented 8 designs amounting in many hours of my time and not one design was the right one. Another client came to my office got a view and fell in love right away. 

Truth is we wont always say that a client has no clue, or that all the marketing info they read online is on point. Its always easier said than done. Clients need to try and have a starting idea for us to be able to give them what they are thinking about. 

We Live Off What We Work On And Who We Work For. 

Come month end, we don’t have a pay cheque coming into our account. We don’t get to go to the office and spend 2 hours of our day thinking about what we have to do and still get paid for it. Our Time is Money. 

Even when we freelance for big companies with huge pockets, the way we get paid is often random, unpredictable and held up by endless bureaucracy.

Yes, we know you personally don’t make the rules. But we’d appreciate you doing your absolute best to make sure we don’t spend months waiting for payment.

This Is An Expensive Profession.

So many people see this as a lazy and cheap way to earn a living. WE need to invest in the good computers, the latest updated design programs “that don’t come cheap” Access to additional support material like legal photographs for additional use in clients work or even for an idea lacking that could be more if we added to it. 

When we charge our hourly rate it includes many additional costs we incur so trust the process and value to person for their contribution. 

We Work In Focus of More Work

The truth is, no designer is every looking at a client as a reflection of a one night stand. We want to build a long term meaningful relationship and know that even with small tasks our talent and work is appreciated and sort after. Try to incorporate a professional in the little things and you will see a big difference in how your company is perceived. 

Don’t Take Us For Granted 

We won’t say this out loud either. But most of us feel that you don’t pay us enough or appreciate how much value our design work is adding to your company.

We know that in the long run, we’re going to want more money, and that probably means moving up to work for higher-end clients.

Don’t worry, we’re not going to walk out on you mid-project (designers don’t do that). But next time you looking at the facts think about how you can add a little addition to the people that make your company image great.